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The Center for Agroforestry

The five days of the Academy included workshops (comprehensive classroom presentations) on the latest science and practice in support of agroforestry practices plus information intended to assist landowners develop financial budgets for agroforestry practices and market the products they grow, visits to practitioners' farms with established agroforestry sites along with a "hands-on case study" farm. The academy concluded with an agroforestry design exercise which summed up all the knowledge and experience received during the week. The case study design exercise (with small group presentations and follow up discussions) facilitated experience in the implementation of agroforestry design and encouraged collaborative learning community efforts. The planning process helped participants envision how agroforestry practices can be successfully integrated on a farm.

In conclusion, the second Agroforestry Academy was another very successful event. It contributed to broader agroforestry knowledge base among resource professionals, greater partnering across agencies, and potential for increased support by professionals toward landowner adoption of agroforestry and other integrated, perennial land management practices.

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