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The Center for Agroforestry

6th Annual Agroforestry Symposium

Climate-Smart Agriculture: the Role of Agroforestry

January 8, 2015


Agroforestry for Climate-Smart Agriculture- Dr. Thomas Sauer

Perennial Grains: Climate-Smart by Design- Dr. Lee DeHaan

Silvopasture: Creating Climate-Smart Pastoral Systems- Dr. Robert Kallenbach

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: The Agroforestry Way- Ms. Janet Chappell

Developing Climate-Smart Soybeans- Dr. Babu Valliyodan

Restoration Agriculture: The Role of Trees- Mr. Mark Shepard

The Human Dimensions of Climate-Smart Agriculture- Dr. Jere Gilles

Landowner Panel Discussion

For a flyer about the event, click here.

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