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The Center for Agroforestry

8th Annual Agroforestry Symposium

Enhancing Health, Conservation and Livelihoods: Medicinal Plants in Agroforestry

January 26, 2017

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Mr. Tom Newmark, American Botanical Council
Healthy Planet, Healthy Lives, Making the Case for Medicinal Plants & Agroforestry

Jim Chamberlain, PhD, US Forest Service
Forest Management and Medicinal Plants

Susan Leopold, PhD, United Plant Savers
Medicinal Plant Conservation: Sanctuaries, Outreach and Forest Farming

Dr. Jed W. Fahey, Johns Hopkins University
Moringa Oleifera: Opportunities for Agroforestry and Medicinal Plant Development

Dr. Lloyd Sumner, Metabolomics Center, University of Missouri
Metabolomics Opportunities and Application in Pecan

Dr. Chung-Ho Lin, Center for Agroforestry, University of Missouri
Identifying Value-Added, Health-Promoting Compounds from Waste Plant Materials

Dr. Bill Folk, University of Missouri
International Partnerships for Medicinal Plant Management and Development

Moderator: Mr. Gregory O. Mori, Outreach Coordinator, UMCA
Panel Discussion with Medicinal Plant Growers and Entrepreneurs

Steven Foster, Author and Photographer
Reception Presentation - Medicinal Plants: Undeveloped Potential in Agroforestry Research

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