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Francisco Aguilar

Francisco Aguilar, Ph.D.

Department of Forest Economics

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
Office: Room B3 40, SLU-Umeå
Mailing: SLU skogsekonomi, Umeå, 90183, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0) 72-247-9538

Selected Publications

  • Aguilar, F.X., M.C. Kelly. 2019. US family forest management coupling natural and human systems: Role of markets and public policy instruments. Landscape and Urban Planning 188, 43-53.
  • Glasenapp, S., F.X. Aguilar, H .Weimar, U. Mantau. 2019. Assessment of residential wood energy consumption using German household-level data. Biomass and Bioenergy 126, 117-129.
  • Dundar, B., R.G. McGarvey, F.X. Aguilar. 2019. A robust optimisation approach for identifying multi-state collaborations to reduce CO2 emissions. Journal of the Operational Research Society 70 (4), 601-619.
  • Goerndt, M.E., B.T. Wilson, F.X. Aguilar. 2019. Comparison of small area estimation methods applied to biopower feedstock supply in the Northern US region. Biomass and Bioenergy 121, 64-77.
  • Barbieri, C., S. Sotomayor, F.X. Aguilar. 2019. Perceived benefits of agricultural lands offering agritourism. Tourism Planning & Development 16 (1), 43-60.
  • Aguilar, F.X., M.C. Kelly, B. Danley. 2019. Total Economic Value, Ecosystem Services and the Role of Public Policy Instruments in the Creation and Destruction of Forest Values. Services in Family Forestry, 103-118.
  • Obeng, E.,* Aguilar F.X. and L. McCann. 2018. Payments for forest ecosystem services: a look at neglected existence values, the free-rider problem and beneficiaries? willingness to pay. International Forestry Review. 20(2):206-219.
  • Aguilar, F.X. and N. Song*. 2018. Forest Cover, Agricultural and Socio-Economic Development: A Weighted Beta-Logistic Approach with Ratio Response Forest Science. Forest Science. 64(2): 129-138.
  • Aguilar, F.X., Obeng, E.* and Z. Cai. 2018. Water quality improvements elicit consistent willingness-to-pay for the enhancement of forested watershed ecosystem services. Ecosystem Services. 30: 158-171.
  • Mohebalian, P.* and F.X. Aguilar. 2018. Design of Tropical Forest Conservation Contracts Considering Risk of Deforestation. Land Use Policy. 70: 451-462.
  • Mohebalian, P.* and F.X. Aguilar. 2018. Beneath the Canopy: Tropical Forests Enrolled in Conservation Payments Reveal Less Evidence of Degradation. Ecological Economics.143:64-73.
  • Obeng, E.* and F.X. Aguilar. 2018. Value orientation and payment for ecosystem services: Perceived detrimental consequences lead to willingness-to-pay for ecosystem services. Journal of Environmental Management. 206:458-471.
  • Barbieri, C., Aguilar, F.X. and S. Sotomayor. 2017. Perceived Benefits of Agricultural Lands Offering Agritourism. Tourism Planning & Development.
  • Yi, X., Cai, Z.*, and F.X. Aguilar. 2017. Eco-Label Credibility and Retailer Effects on Green Product Purchasing Intentions. Forest Policy and Economics.80: 200-208.
  • Aguilar, F.X., Cai, Z.* and B. Butler. 2017. Proximal Association of Land Management Preferences: Evidence from Family Forest Owners. PLOS One. 12(1): e0169667.
  • Rhodes, T.*, Aguilar, F.X., Jose, S. and M. Gold. 2016. Factors influencing adoption of riparian forest buffers in the Tuttle Creek Reservoir Watershed of Kansas, U.S.A. Agroforestry Systems. doi:10.1007/s10457-016-0045-6
  • Cai, Z.*, L., Narine*, A. D?Amato and F.X. Aguilar. 2016. Attitudinal and Revenue Effects on Non-Industrial Private Forest Owners' Willingness-to-Harvest Timber and Woody Biomass. Forest Policy and Economics. 63: 52?61.
  • Mohebalian, P.*, and F.X. Aguilar. 2016. Additionality and Design of Forest Conservation Programs: Insights from Ecuador?s Socio Bosque Program. Forest Policy and Economics. 71:103-114.
  • Botard, S.A.*, Aguilar, F.X., Stelzer, H.E., Dwyer, J.P., Gallagher, T. 2015. Operational Costs and Sensitivity Analyses of an Integrated Harvest of Solid Hardwood Products and Woody Biomass. Forest Science. 61(6):1058-1067.
  • Aguilar, F.X., Cai, Z.*, Mohebalian, P.* and Thompson, W. 2015. U.S. Consumers? Preference for Vehicle Fuels: A Conjoint Analysis of Ethanol Fuel Blends. Energy Economics. 49:217-226.
  • Aguilar, F.X. and E. Obeng*. 2015. Biodiversity, Carbon Sequestration and Nutrient Cycling Effects of Tropical Forest Transition to Cacao Agroforestry Systems: A Review. Agroforestry Systems. 81(1):19-35.
  • Aguilar, F.X., Cai, Z.* and A. D?Amato. 2014. Non-industrial Private Forest Landowner?s Willingness-to-harvest: Higher Timber Prices can Increase Woody Biomass Supply. Biomass & Bioenergy. 71:202-215.
  • Aguilar, F.X., Daniel, M.* and Z. Cai*. 2014. Missouri Private Forest Landowners? Willingness-to-Harvest Woodlands for Timber and Woody Biomass. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. 43(2):279-299.
  • Cai, Z.* and Aguilar, F.X. 2014. Consumer Expectations of Corporate Social Responsibility for the Wood Products Industry in the U.S. and China. Forest Products Journal. 64(3/4): 97-106.
  • Sotomayor, S., Barbieri, C., Wilhelm Stanis, S., Aguilar, F.X. and J. Smith. 2014. Motivations for Recreating on Farmlands, Private Forests and State or National Parks. Environmental Management. 54(1):138-150.
  • Song, N.*, Aguilar, F.X. and B.J. Butler. 2014. Conservation Easements and Management by Family Forest Owners: A Propensity Score Matching Approach with Multi-imputations of Survey Data. Forest Science. 60(2):298-307.
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  • Goerndt, M.G.*, Aguilar, F.X. and K. Skog. 2013. Resource potential for renewable energy generation from co-firing of woody biomass with coal in the Northern US. Biomass and Bioenergy. 59:348-361.
  • Cai, Z.*, and Aguilar, F.X. 2013. Consumer Purchasing Preferences and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Wood Products Industry: A Conjoint Analysis in the U.S. and China. Ecological Economics. 95:118-127.
  • Aguilar, F.X., Daniel, M.* and L. L. Narine*. 2013. Opportunities and Challenges to the Supply of Woody Biomass for Energy from Missouri Nonindustrial Privately Owned Forestlands. Journal of Forestry. 111(4):249-260.
  • Cai, Z.* and F.X. Aguilar. 2013. Meta-Analysis of Consumer's Willingness-to-Pay Estimates for Certified Wood Products. Journal of Forest Economics. 19: 15?31.
  • Mohebalian, P.*, Aguilar F.X. and M.M. Cernusca. 2013. Conjoint Analysis of U.S. Consumers' Preference for Elderberry Jelly and Juice Products. HortScience. 48(3):338-346.
  • Yang, L.*, Yali, W. and F.X. Aguilar. 2013. Nonindustrial Family Forest Landowners? Stated Willingness-to-Participate in Forest Cooperatives in Southern China. International Journal of Forestry Research.
  • Aguilar, F.X., Goerndt, M.*, Song, N.* and S. Shifley. 2012. Internal, External and Location Factors Influencing Cofiring of Biomass with Coal in the U.S. Northern Region. Energy Economics. 34(6):1790-1798.
  • Song, N.*, Aguilar, F.X., Shifley, S. and M. Goerndt*. 2012. Analysis of U.S. Residential Wood Energy Consumption: 1967-2009. Energy Economics. 34(6):2116-2124.
  • Mohebalian, P.*, Cernusca, M. and F.X. Aguilar. 2012. Discovering Niche Markets for Elderberry Juices in the U.S. HortTechnology. 22:556-566.
  • Saunders, A.*, Aguilar, F.X., Dwyer, J. and H. Stelzer. 2012. Cost Structure of Integrated Harvesting for Woody Biomass and Solid Hardwood Products in Southeastern Missouri. Journal of Forestry. 110(1):7-15.
  • Song, N.*, Aguilar, F.X., Shifley, S. and M. Goerndt*. 2012. Factors Affecting Wood Energy Consumption by U.S. Households. Energy Economics. 34: 389?397.
  • Cernusca, M.M., Aguilar, F.X. and M.A. Gold. 2012. Post-purchase Evaluation of U.S. Consumers' preferences for Chestnuts. Agroforestry Systems. 86: 355?364.

*Indicates Postdoctoral scholar, Ph.D. or M.S. student advisee.

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