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Sougata Bardhan

Sougata Bardhan, Ph.D.

Assistant Research Professor
Department of Forestry

203 ABNR
Columbia, MO 65211
(573) 884-2874

Research Summary

My research interests involve understanding the sustainability of agricultural and other natural ecosystems ?primarily investigating the impact of land use effects on ecosystem functioning, effects of global warming, relationship between plant communities and productivity. It is important to realize that, in future, sustainable systems should be able to achieve higher productivity while preserving the environment. A paradigm shift in how we approach basic issues is necessary to address the problems related to sustainability within our world. It is my desire to be at the forefront of this quest.

Current Grants:
IUSSTF, Indo-US Joint Clean Energy Research and Development Consortium, 2012 ? 2017, Sustainable Biomass Production, $ 12.5 million (MU share $5.4 million) Co-Principal Investigator

Selected Publications:
Bardhan, S., A.K. Chattopadhyay, S. Jose, J. Chandrasoma. 2016. Impact of Boron Additions in Marginal Soils for Growth of Corn, Wheat, Soybean, and Switchgrass. Int. J. of Current Agricultural Science, 7, 155-159.

Bobryk, C.W., C.C. Rega, S. Bardhan, A. Farina, H.S. He, S. Jose. 2016. A Rapid Soundscape Analysis to Quantify Conservation Benefits of Temperate Agroforestry Systems Using Low-Cost Technology. Agroforest. Syst. 90, 997-1008.

Bunyan, M., S. Bardhan, A. Singh, S. Jose. 2015. Effect of Topography on the Distribution of Tropical Montane Forest Fragments: A Predictive Modeling Approach. Journal of Tropical Forest Science.27, 30-38

Udawatta, R, R. Kremer, K. Nelson, S. Jose, S. Bardhan. 2014. Soil Quality Indicators of a Mature Alley Cropping Agroforestry Sysytem in Temperate North America. Commun Soil SciPlant Anal. 45, 2539-2551.

Roberts, B.A., F. B. Fritschi, W. R. Horwath, S. Bardhan. 2014. Nitrogen Mineralization Potential as Influenced by Microbial Biomass, Cotton Residues and Temperature. J Plant nutrition. 38, 311-324.

Bardhan, S., S. Jose, R. Udawatta, and F. B. Fritschi. 2013. Microbial Community Diversity in a 21-Year Old Temperate Alley Cropping System. Agroforest. Syst. 87, 1-11.

Motavalli, P., K. Nelson, R. Udawatta, S. Jose, S. Bardhan. 2013. Global Achievements on Sustainable Land Management. ISWCR, 1, 1-10.

Bardhan, S., S. Jose. 2012. Potential for Floodplains to Sustain a Second Generation Biofuel Feedstock Production Ecosystem. Biofuels.3(5): 575-588.

Jose, S., S. Bardhan. 2012. Agroforestry for Biomass Production and Carbon Sequestration: An Overview. Agroforest. Syst. 86:105-111.

Bardhan, S., S. Jose, M. Jenkins, C. Webster, S. Stehn, R. Udawatta. 2012. Microbial Community Structure in Soils Receiving Different Rates of Acid Deposition in Spruce-Fir Forests in the Smoky Mountains. Appl. Soil Ecol. 61:60 ? 68.

Bardhan, S., S. Jose, S. Biswas, K. Kabir, W. Rogers. 2012. Biodiversity in Home Gardens in Bangladesh ? AComparison. Agroforest. Syst. 85:29-34.

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