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Allison Meyer

Allison Meyer, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Ruminant Nutrition/Nutritional Physiology, Division of Animal Sciences

115B Animal Science Research Center
Columbia, MO 65211
(571) 882-6354


  • B.S., Michigan State University, Animal Science
  • M.S., University of Missouri, Animal Science
  • Ph.D., North Dakota State University, Animal Science


  • Meyer?s overall research objective is to improve efficiency and productivity in beef cattle through strategic nutritional management of the cowherd. She is especially interested in the effects of nutrition and management of beef cows during pregnancy and lactation on calf productivity and health. This interest spans from very applied research involving forage systems and animal behavior to more basic research involving small intestinal development and metabolism.


  • An Sci 3242: Principles and Applications of Animal Nutrition; graduate courses
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