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The Center for Agroforestry

Profit in Agroforestry

Profit in Agroforestry

The Center for Agroforestry strives to establish new and profitable crops for Missouri land and forest owners. In addition to market research on supply, demand and pricing potential, the Center's research collaborators at the University of Missouri and across the Midwest are evaluating the production of nut crops, including pecans, chestnuts and black walnuts; medicinal herbs and botanicals, like ginseng and black cohosh; edible forest products including berries and specialty mushrooms; and non-timber products, such as decorative woody florals. Timber values and markets are also being evaluated, as many agroforestry practices yield not only short-term income through value-added products, but valuable lumber and hardwoods as the tree stands mature.

For additional information on specialty mushrooms, wildlflower production, pine straw, value-added lumber production, nut crops and other profitable products produced through agroforestry, request a copy of the Center's Agroforestry DVD.

Non-Timber Forest Products:

Pine Straw

Decorative Woody Florals

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Specialty Crops:

Specialty Mushrooms


Black Walnuts



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  • The Center for Agroforestry is evaluating the cultivation of simulated ginseng in Missouri, a potentially high-value forest farming crop.
  • Visit American Botanicals for information on growing and marketing botanical plants.

Black Cohosh

  • Developing Nut, Fruit, and Herb Production for Midwestern Farmers through Agroforestry: Black Cohosh


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Timber Production:

Eastern Redcedar

Timber Prices

Marketing Specialty Timber Products

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Tax Information

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