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Landowners can run productive farms while supporting wildlife

August 25, 2008

COLUMBIA, Mo. - The University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry (UMCA) believes active and productive farms also can support a wide spectrum of wildlife species for lease hunting, birdwatching and other recreational and enjoyment opportunities.

With this in mind, the center has created a new guide in its Agroforestry in Action series, "Integrating Agroforestry Practices for Wildlife Habitat," by Dusty Walter, UMCA technology transfer specialist, and Bob Pierce, MU Extension wildlife specialist.

"Agricultural practices and other decisions about land use influence wildlife habitat and use of land by wildlife," Walter said. "While larger field sizes and loss of field borders may have a negative impact on habitat, other agricultural-related actions actually can enhance habitats. By implementing agroforestry practices through integrating trees, shrubs and grasses, landowners will see many benefits, including improved water quality, soil stabilization and income opportunities, in addition to creating habitat diversity for wildlife."

The publication gives landowners and farmers ideas on how to incorporate management of trees, shrubs and grasses with their current farm practices so wildlife will benefit. The guide includes information on habitat requirements of white-tailed deer, eastern wild turkey, bobwhite quail, waterfowl and mourning doves.

"Agroforestry practices - forest farming, silvopasture, alley cropping, riparian forest buffers and windbreaks - benefit land in so many ways. Creating a diverse landscape to attract diverse wildlife populations is just one of those benefits for landowners," Walter said.

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"Integrating Agroforestry Practices for Wildlife Habitat" is available online at To order printed copies, contact Michelle Hall at 573-882-9866 or, or place an order online at

--Michelle Hall
Senior Information Specialist
Center for Agroforestry
University of Missouri
(573) 882-9866

Dusty Walter, 573-884-7991

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