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Green Horizons Newsletter -- Green Horizons is a free newsletter issued 3 times a year from the MU Center for Agroforestry in conjunction with the Forest and Woodland Association of Missouri, and several sponsors representing Missouri's forestry and natural resources industries. Articles feature a variety of topics related to forestry and agroforestry, including forest health and management; community and urban forestry; value-added products produced through agroforestry; upcoming forestry and natural resources events; tree health and care; and new market opportunities. To subscribe to Green Horizons, contact Michael Gold, or 573-884-1448.

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Action in Agroforestry newsletter -- Action in Agroforestry is the monthly newsletter of the MU Center for Agroforestry. It focuses on Center affiliates and staff and recognizes awards and honors and discusses research, outreach and the impact of the Center. To subscribe to the newsletter, which is sent electronically, contact Michael Gold, or 573-884-1448.

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The Chestnut Growers Newsletter -- The Chestnut Growers of America is the western hemisphere's premier organization for chestnut producers, consumers, retailers and distributors. A diverse membership spanning internationally, as well as both coasts and the Midwest, helps contribute to articles on chestnut production, harvesting, marketing and expansion of the industry. The Chestnut Grower newsletter is published quarterly as a tool for increasing consumer awareness and demand, as well as landowner production, of this versatile, sweet nut that holds great potential as a successful cash-crop for Missouri agricultural producers. Although back issues are posted after one year, the Chestnut Grower is published for members of the Chestnut Growers of America. To become a member, contact Ray Young,

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